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An estimated eight in ten women wear the wrong bra size. As a result, many women feel uncomfortable and aren’t getting the support they need. It’s high time for a change! What’s your bra size and how do you know you’ve found the perfect size, style, and fit? We have the answers to all your bra questions.

Prima Donna bras are opulent luxury, teamed with beautiful fabrics and exquisite embroidery available up to size 46 I. Wherever you are and whatever you’re up to, you can enjoy the PrimaDonna feeling all day and into the night. Bras, Swimwear, Shapewear all avaibale in
Douglas Fashion & Lingerie in Douglas Village Shopping Centre, Cork. You can contact us on 086 104 1798 or via email.

All about bra sizing

Finding a bra that fits perfectly can be a challenge for women with a larger cup size. Fuller breasts need support and an elegant, comfortable fit. In terms of technical construction, everything needs to be perfect, from the fit to the fabric to the straps. Ideally, the bra should also be stylish and fashionable. That’s a lot to ask, which is why we’ve created a one-page overview to keep things simple.

Everything you need to know about your first bra

Shopping for your first bra (or your daughter’s first bra) is quite a milestone. It’s perfectly normal to have questions about the process and to feel a bit insecure about it. You may be wondering whether you even need a bra. The thought of going bra shopping or stepping into a lingerie store may feel intimidating. But rest assured: Wearing a bra is nothing to be ashamed of. Once you try on your first bra, you’ll quickly notice how confident it makes you feel, especially if it fits like a dream. This is something to be proud of and look forward to!

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